The content of this post has been moved to the Reflective Journal Page. It includes a list of references used throughout the unit. Note: blogs I’ve linked to have been retained here, but also appear on the blogroll.

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Note: Fellow learners have been blogging their own journeys through this learnscape (a term used by Jay Cross – see his Informal Learning blog in my blogroll). You can visit their blogs:

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Cheers, Janice


It may pay to read the instructions for effective use of this WordPress blog opportunity… but as usual I will leap in and try the rapid prototyping approach. This is better than holding off on tapping the keys until I’m confident the words are judged worth publishing.

It is now four weeks into the current unit I’m studying through University of Southern Queensland, Instructional Design for Flexible Learning. Discussion forums are plugging along but a little quiet this past week as our first assignment, a project outline, is due. It’s unfortunate timing for me as responding to high priority issues has been my work focus with study coming off second best. Throw in the work-life-study balancing act where journeying to visit family and friends was also a high priority, a simultaneous quandary on the project … and I’ve had to request some extra time to submit. Ah well!

I’ve decided to go with blogging for my reflective log we’ve been asked to keep throughout the unit. It’s easy to share with my cohort that way with the bonus of keeping me commenting on other areas of interest related to work projects, readings and education overall. I may well create another page in this blog for the reflective journalling, just as I have created one focused on Second Life in education.