This is a space for conversations and reflections on learning, lifelong & lifewide – doing, designing, enabling, theorising & living it… an open-ended approach.

Curious creatures we humans! Designed to learn?

This brief introduction is to place myself in the blogosphere with less of the social focus and more of the professional. It has the potential to enhance my own work and Masters studies as well as, hopefully, that of others in the field of education and design of learning experiences. Other voices are very welcome to share, comment or just lurk.

There are some brilliant blogs about I hope to link to as this develops. Many have made engaging use of other ‘tools’/plug-ins to enhance the visitor’s experience. I’ll be working on experimenting with them here: may be a rough ride to start but sure to get smoother!

Second Life and Facebook are a couple of the plethora of options I’ve been exploring for potential in education and for fun, and there’s a whole lot more out there to discover.


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